Application Process

Optimistic about the robotics market? 3 easy steps to complete the application to become an agent

Apply for An Agent


Contact Us

If you are interested in being an agent, please call +86 183 6197 7482 or leave a message to us.


Confirm Cooperation Intention

The relevant person in charge will contact you to communicate on the cooperation content, terms, requirements, etc., and both parties will confirm the cooperation intention and send the "Application Form for Basic Information of Agents".

Signing the Contract


Submit Contract Qualification

The agent fills in the "Application Form for Basic Information of Agents" and "Agency Regional Operation Plan", signs a contract, and submits qualification documents to the person in charge.


Qualification Contract Review

The pangolin relevant department will review the contract and qualification documents (within 3-5 working days).

Reached a Cooperationthe


Pay Relevant Fees

Agents pay relevant agency fees; participate in system training and establish a marketing center.


Start Selling

Distribute the "Agent Operation Manual", provide a variety of operational support, and start sales.

Application Rules

Agents have the right to engage in the sales and leasing of "Pangolin Robot" products within the agency area and within the agency period, and can use the "Pangolin Robot" brand to carry out legal commercial promotion activities. This operation manual is aimed at the above two business practices. Give operational guidance.

We Promise

Professional / Efficient / Fair

Perfect marketing training
Operation guidance and market support

Within 3-5 working days
Review contracts and qualification documents

Different regions
Agent business will not be affected

Submit the Application Form

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