Suzhou Tongji Hotel joins hands with Panda food delivery robot to open a new chapter of smart service!

In today’s rapidly changing technology, Suzhou Tongji Hotel once again leads the trend, partnering with Alpha Robotics Company’s “Panda delivery robot” to bring customers an unprecedented intelligent dining experience. This delivery robot named “Panda” not only improves the service efficiency of the hotel, but also brings new dining fun to customers.


Since its establishment in 1996, Suzhou Tongji Hotel has won the favor of customers with its excellent service quality and warm and comfortable environment. Over the years, the hotel has always adhered to the principle of “customer first, service first”, constantly innovating service models, and striving to provide every guest with an experience beyond expectations. Today, the addition of Panda food delivery robots has injected new vitality into this principle.


Panda food delivery robot is a powerful and multi scenario intelligent service robot. It is suitable for service places such as Chinese restaurants, hot pot restaurants, Western restaurants, bars, hotels, KTVs, and reception areas for units. Whether you are savoring classic Chinese cuisine, immersing yourself in the romantic atmosphere of Western style, or enjoying the singing time of KTV, Panda can provide you with thoughtful meal delivery services.


The Panda food delivery robot has a wide range of functions, not only possessing the basic function of automatic food delivery, but also providing value-added services such as dish introduction and welcoming customers. After the customer orders, Panda will automatically go to the designated area to pick up the food, and then quickly and accurately deliver it to the customer’s location. During the delivery process, Panda can also introduce the characteristics and taste of dishes to customers through voice or screen display, allowing customers to experience the convenience and fun brought by technology while tasting delicious food.


In addition to the delivery function, Panda also has the ability to welcome and attract guests. In leisure time, you can place the robot at the entrance of the store, turn on the loop mode, place a menu brochure on the dining plate, and attract customers to the hotel. Passing customers are all attracted by it, and after entering the store, they will also bring warm greetings and guidance to customers. This intelligent welcome method not only enhances the customer experience, but also brings more passenger flow and reputation to the hotel.


The Panda food delivery robot has brought many conveniences to Suzhou Tongji Hotel. First, it effectively alleviates the pressure of food delivery during the hotel’s peak hours, ensuring that every customer can enjoy the food in time. Second, robot food delivery reduces the possibility of human error, further improving service quality and customer satisfaction. Finally, robot food delivery also saves a lot of labor costs for the hotel, allowing the hotel to invest more resources in other aspects of improving customer experience.

The Panda food delivery robot has received positive reviews from customers and store staff. Customers have said that this robot is not only convenient and fast, but also adds a lot of fun. The store staff lamented that the arrival of Panda has made their work easier and they have more energy to pay attention to the needs and feelings of customers.


In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, we believe that the Panda food delivery robot will play an important role in more fields and bring more convenience and fun to people’s lives. Suzhou Tongji Hotel will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and bring more surprises and touches to customers.

Post time: Jun-29-2024