Alice AI Service Robot: Intelligent Welcome, the Leader of Excellent Service Experience

1. Welcome to the new era of intelligent services, meet Alice AI service robot!

In today’s society, technological advancement is changing our lives at an unprecedented speed. Especially in the field of public services, the emergence of intelligent robots has not only greatly improved service efficiency, but also brought us unprecedented convenience and experience. Alice AI service robot is a robot that integrates intelligent welcome and efficient service. With its excellent performance, rich functions, and wide range of application scenarios, it brings you an unprecedented smart experience.


2. Core functions to create differentiated industry applications

Welcome reception:

Alice has a keen sensory ability and can automatically identify visitors and broadcast welcome and farewell messages. She supports multiple languages, so guests from any country or region can feel the warmth of home.


Mobile Ads:

13.3-inch high-definition touch screen with rich and colorful display content. Whether it’s mobile advertising, video playback, discount reminders, or premium push, Alice can present it all for you.


Business Consulting:

With powerful industry data models and massive knowledge base, Alice can answer all kinds of business consulting questions. She continues to learn and optimize to provide you with more accurate services.


Face recognition system:

Through advanced camera technology, Alice can quickly identify guests who have been entered into the face database and proactively welcome them, doubling your sense of dignity.


Business handling:

Information inquiry, fee check, queuing up for a number…Alice can all handle it easily for you, making your life more convenient.


Lead the way:

With the help of advanced navigation technology, Alice can lead you to the designated location quickly, making your travel convenient.


3. Technical advantages to ensure excellent performance

Alice AI service robot is not only powerful in function, but also has significant technical advantages. It carries multiple sensors and can autonomously locate and avoid obstacles in complex environments to ensure smooth and safe travel. At the same time, the SDK package and API interface are open to support secondary development, allowing you to customize exclusive functions according to actual needs.


4. Widely used to meet the needs of various scenarios

Alice AI service robots can be widely used in banks, hotels, hospitals, stations, airports, specialty stores, schools and other public places. Not only can it provide welcome, guided tours, inquiries and other services, it can also reduce the work pressure of customer service staff and save labor costs for users.

Post time: May-25-2024