Qingtian Hospital: Collaborate with Alpha Robotics Company to Build a Future Hospital!


At Qingtian Hospital, every medical experience is like walking into a harbor full of technology and warmth. Not only does it bring together highly skilled medical staff, but it also introduces advanced products from Alpha Robotics Company – the Amy Welcome Robot and the Scud Delivery Robot. With excellent performance and humanized service, they bring unprecedented convenience and comfort to every patient and medical staff.


Qingtian Hospital, as a well-known local medical institution, has always been committed to providing high-quality medical services to patients. The hospital has a beautiful environment, advanced facilities, and professional and caring medical staff. Here, patients can not only receive timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment, but also feel the warmth and care of home.


Entering the outpatient hall, the first thing that catches your eye is the Amy welcome robot. This robot has multiple functions such as intelligent guidance and voice interaction, and can provide patients with accurate department navigation, doctor information inquiry, and health consultation services. Patients can easily find their destination by simply interacting with Amy, greatly saving time on finding their way. The emergence of the Amy welcome robot not only improves the service efficiency of the hospital, but also brings a brand new medical experience to patients.


As night fell, the Scud delivery robot began its work. This robot is equipped with advanced technologies such as autonomous navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance, and can accurately and quickly deliver the drugs needed by medical staff in the ward at night. The emergence of flying legs not only reduces the work pressure of medical staff, but also ensures the timely delivery of drugs, providing patients with safer and more reliable medical services.


The Amy welcome robot and the Scud delivery robot are both from Alpha Robotics Company. This enterprise, which focuses on robot research and manufacturing, has tailored these two robot products for Qingtian Hospital with its advanced technology and rich experience. These two robots not only have the characteristics of high intelligence, but also perform well in humanized services, providing comprehensive and efficient service support for hospitals.


With the continuous development of technology, smart healthcare has become a new trend in the medical industry. As a leader in the field of smart healthcare, Alpha Robotics Company will continue to be committed to developing more advanced robot products and providing hospitals with more intelligent and humanized services. In the future, we have reason to believe that with the assistance of Alpha Robotics Company, Qingtian Hospital will continuously improve its service quality, bringing health and hope to more patients.

Post time: Jun-19-2024