Scud Delivery Robot: New benchmark for future services

In the age of technology, intelligence and automation are no longer out of reach, but a reality that can be reached. Today, we are honored to introduce you a revolutionary service robot- “Scud Delivery Robot”. With its unique design and powerful functions, this robot is setting off a service revolution at service places such as hotels, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants.9989

1.Intelligent delivery, Free hands

One of the biggest highlights of Scud Delivery Robot is its intelligent meal delivery function. It can not only accurately deliver food to the designated room or dining table, but also interact with guests during the meal delivery process to introduce the characteristics and services of the hotel. This innovation not only greatly saves labor costs, but also improves the efficiency and quality of service.


2.Consultation and guidance, considerate service

Scud Delivery Robot also has powerful consulting and guiding functions. Whether it is to lead the guests to the rooms, washrooms, elevator entrances, or to intro the hotel facilities for the guests while walking, it is competent. In addition, robots can also help guests press the elevator to provide more convenient service experience for guests.


3.Tour promotion, event foretelling

In order to keep guests informed of the hotel’s latest activities and discounts, the Scud Delivery Robot also has a tour promotion function. It can patrol the hotel regularly and deliver hotel event notifications and promotional information to guests. At the same time, the robot can also undertake tasks such as small express delivery, takeout, invoice delivery, and inter-department document transmission, providing strong support for hotel operations.


4.Room service

The Scud Delivery Robot also excels in room service. It can deliver slippers, chargers, mineral water and other daily necessities to guests, and can also collect guests’ clothes and towels. In addition, the robot can also provide guests with value-added services such as MP fruits and turndown services, allowing guests to feel meticulous care.


5.Automatically recharges to keep working

In order to meet the needs of long-term work, the Scud Delivery Robot uses lithium battery power and has automatic charging function. The robot can automatically return to the charging point for charging at a reasonable time, ensuring continuous operation for about 11 hours. This design greatly reduces the need for manual maintenance and improves the efficiency of the robot.


6. Scan the QR code to shop, innovative experience

Scud Delivery Robot also has the function of link shopping. By scanning the QR code on the robot, customers can instantly purchase freshly squeezed juice, family planning supplies and other commodities, achieving instant shopping. This innovation not only provides guests with a more convenient shopping experience, but also creates more revenue sources for the hotel.

In short, the Scud Delivery Robot is becoming a new benchmark for future services with its multiple functions such as intelligent food delivery, consultation and guidance, tour promotion, room service, automatic charging and linked shopping. We believe that with the continuous development of technology, Scud Delivery Robot will play an important role in more fields and bring people a more convenient, efficient and intelligent service experience.

Post time: May-25-2024