Shijiazhuang Liangcun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.: Smart energy leader, Amy AI robot service new chapter.


Shijiazhuang Liangcun Thermal Power Co., Ltd. has always played an indispensable role in the industrial development of Hebei Province. As an important pillar of regional energy supply, the company provides stable and clean electricity and heat support to the surrounding areas with advanced cogeneration technology and efficient management system.


Since its establishment, Shijiazhuang Liangcun Thermal Power Co., Ltd. has been committed to promoting the sustainable development of the energy industry through technological innovation. With the continuous advancement of intelligent and automated technologies, the company keeps pace with the times, continuously improves its own intelligent level, and contributes to the green development of society.


Recently, in the company’s intelligent display, a special “employee” attracted widespread attention from visitors – that is Amy AI service robot. Carefully built by Alpha Robotics, Amy robot has advanced artificial intelligence technology and flexible service functions, and has become a powerful assistant for Liangcun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.’s intelligent transformation.


Amy Robot plays an important role in the company’s reception work. Whenever a leader or guest visits, Amy always provides them with personalized reception services with a friendly smile and professional attitude. Through voice recognition and natural language processing technology, Amy can accurately understand the needs of visitors and provide corresponding information guidance and help.


In terms of knowledge popularization and publicity, Amy Robot also performed well. It has a rich knowledge reserve and multimedia display capabilities, and can introduce visitors to the company’s history, technical characteristics, environmental protection concepts and other information. Through vivid explanations and interactive experiences, Amy allows visitors to have a deeper understanding of Liangcun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.’s contributions and achievements in the energy field.


The use of Amy Robot not only improves the company’s intelligence level and service quality, but also demonstrates Alpha Robot’s innovative strength in the field of artificial intelligence. As a pioneer in intelligent transformation, Liangcun Thermal Power Co., Ltd. will continue to deepen its cooperation with Alpha Robot to jointly promote the intelligent development of the energy industry.


In the future, we expect Amy Robot to play a greater role in more fields and create a better life for mankind. At the same time, we also believe that with the help of technology, Shijiazhuang Liangcun Thermal Power Co., Ltd. will continue to write a brilliant chapter in the energy field.

Post time: Jun-13-2024