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Amy AI Service Robot can be used in many service scenarios such as stations, airports, hotels, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, schools, government affairs halls, restaurants, etc.

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The reception robot can realize human body induction in different directions, can perform facial recognition, supports voice interaction, business consultation, and can realize the function of guiding navigation and explaining. Relying on the laser radar sensor carried by the robot, it can position itself in a complex environment during the leading navigation process, and through the deeply optimized obstacle avoidance algorithm, perceive the real-time changes in the surrounding environment, bypass the obstacles in the planned path, and choose the appropriate route Go forward and finally reach the target point.
The robot has a touchable high-definition display screen, which can perform mobile advertisement display, video playback, product information query, map display and other functions.
The robot has an open SDK package and an open API, which can be redeveloped according to the application scenario, adding exclusive personality functions, which are more in line with the actual application scenario.


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